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Abdurhman Advertising Agency
P. O. Box 5226
Riyadh 11422
Saudi Arabia
T: +966 1 232 8922
F: +966 1 230 0772
E:  info@abdurhamn.net
W: www.abdurhman.net 
The agency is staffed by team of hard-working professionals. We strive to deliver excellent results within our individual areas of expertise, and we work together in order to merge these areas of expertise in order to develop effective media campaigns to target audiences in our territory. Because of the ever-changing demands of the regional and global market, we strive to keep up to date with trends in regional economics and market needs to come up with aggressive, fully integrated economic and marketing campaigns.

He manages the agency and other private business ventures. He has broad experience in the media market and regional economic trends and is a media graduate of King Saud University in Riyadh. He is energetic and diligent and focused on developing an innovative vision for the agency.


Extensive experience in the regional market and economic trends. He has worked with SABIC, the second largest petrochemical company in Saudi Arabia, and Henkel, both of which are Fortune 100 Companies. He has considerable knowledge of project development, private consulting, media and advertising.


Multilingual (English & German) and experienced in operations & office management. He worked with Schlumberger, the international oil driller, as an office operation manager in Saudi Arabia. He is creative and talented in various areas and gives the agency strength with his passionate inspiration and enthusiasm.


14 years of Saudi Aramco experience, the biggest oil producer in the world, in contracting consultancy, and international relationship for high-tech services. He is responsible for the agency marketing worldwide including, strategies, planning, coordination, and execution.


Creative graphic designer with more than seven years of experience. Professional in Photoshop, In-Design, illustrator, Quark Express, Coral Draw, Image ready and Freehand. He guides the project designer for each report.


Experience in promoting & launching new products, market analysis, media, and trade in various regional trade and industries. He has worked with various companies such as New Horizon, Smart Marketing Distribution and Innovate IT.


Experience in local public relations,
 a good network of contacts with more than 10 years in this field. He worked with Akeem, a renowned public relations firm in Riyadh.


Experience in bookkeeping and accounting. He involves in project business planning, financial modeling and cash flow control and management in orde to achieve best financal practises.


Experience in a wide range of clerical functions, computer programs, documents control.



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