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Abdurhman Advertising Agency
P. O. Box 5226
Riyadh 11422
Saudi Arabia
T: +966 1 232 8922
F: +966 1 230 0772
E:  info@abdurhamn.net
W: www.abdurhman.net 


It is sister company to Abdurhman Advertising Agency. Saleh Al Bazai & Sons Co. established in 1977 and considers one of the leading companies in Saudi Arabia. The company distributes Toyota cars in the central region. It has four car showrooms, spare parts stores, warehouses, and maintenance workshops. The company has various ventures in real estate and other investments. www.al-bazai.com

The leading daily Arabic newspaper launched in London in 1978, Asharq Al Awsat has established itself as one of the most respectable daily Arab business newspaper with 20 correspondence offices around the world. Alsharq Alawsat is one of Saudi Research & Publishing Co. (SRPC) publications. It has circulation of 239,280 per day.  www.aawsat.com

Al-Khaleejiah is one of the largest media and marketing agencies, which promotes Saudi Research & Publishing Co. (SRPC) publications and manage its advertising worldwide. It owns the rights of major TV stations, newspapers and magazine publications in Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain. Head office based in Jeddah with branches in Riyadh, Dhahran, London, Paris, Dubai and Beirut. www.alkhaleejiah.com

Al Arabiay TV is news and business channel of MBC Group.  MBC is the leading free-to-air, pan-Arab, news and entertainment broadcaster. MBC audiences estimated to be more than 150 million Arabic speakers around the world. www.alarabiya.tv

AME Info is the leading business information and news portal in the Middle East - serving some 800,000+ Unique Users every month. AME Info is in English and Arabic languages.  www.ameinfo.com

Propaganda is Lebanese creative media company with wide range of portfolios. Propaganda full creative services such as name and corporate identity branding, communication strategies, and magazine, outdoors, print collaterals, web development and e-marketing.  www.propaganda-me.com


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